Handling with Care: Food Safety

Quality assurance, from farm to fork, is paramount at CarbAmericas. We aim to continuously improve upon our already strict standards. CarbAmericas offers cold chain supply management throughout packing and shipping. We begin by monitoring strict agricultural practices on the farm and continue with strict requirement standards for grading and inspection at every step:

  • Harvesting
  • Processing
  • Packaging
  • Shipping


Each product shipped by CarbAmericas is inspected for quality and appearance by highly skilled personnel. Our quality control and food safety expert has more than 30 years of quality inspection experience. CarbAmericas is committed to providing our customers with quality produce that supersedes food safety requirements. Naturally, we are subject to all U.S. customs service import safety and security measures. All of our growers’ fields and packing facilities have third-party audits and certifications by HACCP, AIB, GLOBAL-G.A.P., Baltic, BASC, Primus and others.

We ensure a controlled environment through:

  • Primus and C-TPAT certified warehouse
  • Digital temperature-monitored storage coolers
  • Commodity-specific trained warehouse personnel
  • State of the art hydro-cooler with ionizing sanitation technology
  • On site, full time quality control and food safety inspection team
  • Continuing laboratory and field testing, ensuring food safety
  • Documented food safety and recall programs
  • Hydro-cool product upon arrival to U.S. warehouse
  • In-house agronomists to maintain best and safest farming practices, dictated by European and U.S. requirements